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What We Treat

Upper Extremity Care

Upper Extremity Care involves treating conditions related to your upper body, shoulders, arms, and hands. This could be due to arthritis, injuries, or nerve issues. The care can include occupational therapy, medications, surgery, and/or lifestyle changes. Our care aims to reduce your pain, help you regain independence, and improve your quality of life.

Orthopedic Care

Orthopedic care is medical care related to your bones, joints, and muscles. As we age we may experience problems like joint stiffness or pain. Orthopedic doctors can offer treatments such as occupational/hand therapy, medication, or sometimes surgery. They also give advice on how to stay active and keep your bones healthy to prevent problems.

Trauma Care

Trauma Care is a special type of medical care used for severe or life-threatening injuries, such as from a fall or car accident. It starts with initial treatment by first responders, followed by care at a trauma center in a hospital, where a team of healthcare professionals works together to provide the best care. This could include surgery or other procedures. The goal of trauma care is to save lives and improve recovery chances after serious injuries.

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